Sunday, February 21, 2016

Past Due For Maintenance

Having mostly ignored this site the last three or four years, and only recently getting back into regular updates thanks to Iron Blogger SF, I am continuing to find settings and UI elements that need cleanup.

For example, I just had a wonderful weekend of wine tasting up in Oregon for my friend Erik's birthday, and in the car ride back I spent some time sketching out my next post, which involved taking a look at my site through my phone. Eesh, there was some hideousness. Not just because I never bothered to set it up for mobile, but because my desktop browser has so many extensions, that I was never seeing the defunct AdSense plugins, navigation bar, and whatever else Blogger thought was good to install at some point.

My current extension roster on my default Chrome browser is AdBlock, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, and HTTPS Everywhere. I was speaking of filter bubbles last week, and here I am seeing a far different web than many people. I would recommend those extensions, but I should also put at least a minute into being a better web designer, and give a touch more thought into how this blog appears.

I may have gone into my moral opposition to advertising before, but love to return to that topic at some point.

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