Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Better Be Worth It

After a month of visiting doctors, I was in pretty good shape; I'd lost 12 pounds, but had largely recovered from the various physical ailments and the depression had lifted. Unfortunately, I then noticed that in meantime I'd come dangerously close to not being able to graduate. So, for the last few weeks I've been more consistently hardworking and sober than I have been for a long time. By the time this quarter is over, as I plan to be continuing this, it will probably be the longest such period since coming to college. If I had know antidepressants were so good at giving you drive, motivation and a better mood; well... hindsight. Also the fear of god that I won't graduate also helps with the motivation. Looking for a job in this economy will be fun enough if I do have a diploma and don't have to go back to school. So now it's 4am, I'm just wrapping up a day of work after not sleeping last night, and I have to say, if I don't graduate after this, I'm going to be clawing my eyes out.