Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Been a bit busy this last month finishing off a project I've doing at work. Getting Telus Radio onto the Savard, Telus's version of the Instinct. It's our fist all touchscreen device, so had to tweak a good bit of things there.

That and Burning Man. Two and a half weeks to go and we are, as expected, behind schedule. So, I'll be putting all my free time into that over the next two weeks. This year is going to be damn amazing, considering that I'm helping to organize a theme camp of 65 people, and they put us at the 7:30 Portal, so this should continue the exponential upward trend of Burning Man intensity.

Other than that, I've generally just been spending my time getting angry at politics. Oh and girls, as usual. And still waiting to hear back on the financial aid so I can know if I'm going back to school in the fall.

We'll see what happens this weekend when Tynan talks about turning some of my ideas into a startup. Somehow he got the ear of some high-up at Yahoo. Ah, Tynan. Awfully good at knowing people.