Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, That Last Month Sort Of Went Off Track

My writing on this, and indeed a good bit of things in my life went a good bit haywire over the last month. Fortunately, things are looking better now after seeing a good share of doctors. I'm back on some anti-depressants and also on a good share of antibiotics. So, I should be back to actually doing things now.

In looking back at the last things I had written for this, well, the New Years resolutions somewhat fell apart, but I've had a good set of thoughts on revamping those. Well, not as New Years resolutions, but as general advice to keep things together.

Hmm... In good news, I did get a dictation machine, which I've been putting to good use. Also, I'm missing Kira terribly, can't wait till she gets back from Chile.

And then I suppose I could talk about politics. I'm generally happy with what Obama's done in the last two weeks, but damn, could be a good bit better. I suppose you'll never get exactly what you want though.

Anyways, I'll get back to that and other thoughts shortly. For now, peace.