Saturday, February 6, 2016

Never Too Late For New Year's Resolutions

Not being too late for New Year's resolutions doesn't mean I'm finally settling on what I want to be doing for 2016, it means I'm getting back to a resolution I abandoned three or four years ago; writing a post here at least once a week. As a means of encouragement, I have signed up with Iron Blogger SF in a beer money competition. Thank you, Matt Spitz, for the intro to them. Not a bad year for blogging given the US election. If I follow through on other past New Year's resolutions on this schedule, I might actually end up with a tattoo in three years. Still need to figure out 2016, but I've got some time for that.

So, yeah, where is humanity in 2016? What the hell am I doing with my life?

Myself, things are good. Working away at the best job I've yet had at the wonderful PlanGrid. Personal life is enjoyable, good friends, wonderful relationships, and I'm mostly on top of things. May need some new excitement before too long. That, or what I'm sensing is the general 30's worries about getting a house, getting married. The "am I doing adulthood right!?" story.

The rest of the world? Eh... Fear of ongoing environmental destruction and increasing economic inequality. Mildly happy with the rate of technological and scientific improvements. Mostly happy with improved social tolerance in the developed world, with the general wealth improvements in the developing world.

Trends seem to be as they have been the last few years. Still waiting for one of those sea changes to mix things up. Closest thing I've seen to a sea change in my adult life was probably the Great Recession, and that, though painful, doesn't seem to have shaken up any of the larger economic or political systems out there.

Shall see what the year brings, as always.

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