Monday, September 21, 2009

Repaired and Recoved

Once again I made it back from Burning Man alive. I somewhat wish people would stop betting on my death, but it is fairly humorous.

It was, once again, a great experience, that fills me with such wellbeing towards my fellow man that I feel like a damn hippie. Not quite sure what that word might have meant back in the 60s, but it's interesting these days to see the different subcultures out at Burning Man, and how the hippie subtype compares to everything else. Whatever everything else is, I'm not the best at observing human nature. I'd like to read someone else's comments on the subject. In some ways the whole fracturing of mass media and popular culture has made things difficult. There's no agreed upon story for this decade, for this generation, and there is a benefit to having a story to live by. Have to think for ourselves, I suppose.

But back now, and doing well. Spent a good bit of time cleaning up the aftermath, having a birthday and then getting sick, but now am back on the attempting to find employment so as to avoid starving to death, but hitting that with renewed energy. We'll see if the economy is amenable to that.

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