Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earnest Goes To Burning Man

The posting has fallen off a good bit in the last month, first because I was in a bit of a mood and then because I got tremendously busy prepping for Burning Man.  With my financial situation the way it is, it would probably be a lot more responsible for me to skip Burning Man and focus on finding a job, but, well, priorities are priorities, and I've found myself at the center of getting our camp up and running.  It'll be my fourth year out on the playa and at this point Burning Man is essentially the most important week out of the year for me.  Fortunately we've got some people out there doing their best to convince me that I'm taking part in an important cultural event and that I'm not simply frittering my time away.

If any of you reading this are going to be out there this year, look for us at the 7:30 Portal, Spider Melon Camp.  There will be 40+ of us, the social core of the group being members of the Stanford Band over the last two decades, and the rest various friends and acquaintances.  As for where the name/theme came from, such details are lost to conflicting hazy memories.  We've been changing the name every year as long as my group has been going, though some of our camp members were consistent members of other camps, such as Skullfuck, before my time.

The next two weeks will be an intense celebration before returning to the world of hunting down a living.  Fortunately my girlfriend is back in town and can help keep me on track.

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