Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Been A While

So, I haven't updated this blog in awhile, starting to think this blog idea might be on its last legs. But who knows. Now that my life has settled down, I might get back into it.

Since my last post, I've been to Burning Man, left my job, bounced around the country a bit, from Texas to Oregon, restarted school and also in the middle of that started dating someone.

Burning Man was awesome, by far the most well executed camp I've been a part of. Spent a fair share of the last year helping to organize a group of around 60 people going out to the desert and it paid off. Again, like the previous two years I went, most of them were Stanford Band folk, with a few accessories thrown in. Unusually, based on my past experience, almost no calamities were had, I didn't wake up in a hospital, we didn't have our car nearly break down before we got there, it went incredibly smoothly. With the large number of people we had, and the experience of some of those people, we had basic utilities that I'd never seen before such as showers and a kitchen. That, and we were a theme camp that put us right near the Esplanade. It was a fairly unmatched experience in my third year of being there.

Of course, I felt the art was a bit worse this year and the weather was a bit worse, but ah well.

Beyond that, leaving my job and going back to school has been great. The flexibility and current free time is a huge bonus. We'll see if that view changes when the money starts to run thin, when assignments start to come due, and when I start looking for a job again for when I graduate in six months, but at the moment it's great. In the future I really need to get a job that involves more reading philosophy, having a number of different things to focus on, having large, flexible blocks of open time and allows me to do half my work from my own room.

What else? Oh, yeah, the dating someone. Haven't really done that in years. Not quite sure how that's all supposed to work out. I suppose I'll see.

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